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Holt Street Baptist Church

Interstate 85 crosses over Holt Street within a half-mile of Holt Street Baptist Church in the Rosa L. Parks Avenue neighborhood.

Rosa L. Parks and E.D. Nixon, former president of the Alabama NAACP, arrive at court March 19, 1956, in Montgomery. Parks and Nixon lived in the Cleveland Avenue neighborhood. Cleveland Avenue was renamed Rosa L. Parks Avenue.

They Too Call Alabama Home: African-American Profiles, 1800-1999

Holt Street Baptist Church, a couple of blocks to the west of Rosa L. Parks Avenue, features a historic marker that explains the important role the church played in the Montgomery bus boycott and the struggle for civil rights.

An estimated 5,000 Montgomery residents met here on Dec. 5, 1955, to launch the Montgomery bus boycott. The church, which has a historic marker from the state, is always open for curbside viewing, but tours of the church are available by appointment.

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