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The intersection of West Jeff Davis and Rosa L. Parks avenues has modern problems.

People from out of town comment on it or see it as an ironic geographic statement — the Civil War meeting the civil rights movement on a street corner. A recent Associated Press story about Montgomery called the intersection of Rosa L. Parks Avenue and West Jeff Davis Avenue “one of the city’s great ironies.”

Former slave Horace King built the spiral staircase at the state capitol and represented Russell County twice in the Alabama Reconstruction legislature.

He was Alabama’s master bridge builder, but former slave Horace King may have combined his talent with Prattville industrialist Daniel Pratt on other projects.

Marker Tells Stories of Slave Trade, Freedom

Richard Bailey unveiled the marker on New Year’s Day January 2002

A historic marker unveiled in the town square on Dexter Tuesday took a crowd of Montgomerians back to more than a century ago. Marker is located across the street from your Commerce Street office.

The planting of the new marker at Court Square Fountain nurtures two stories: One side designates the location of the city’s slave market. Its flipside denotes the 1866 parade to mark the first time Alabamians had the opportunity to observe the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Historic Area looks to Return to Past Glory
By Robin Bradley Litchfield, Montgomery Advertiser

Drive through the neighborhood along Rosa L. Parks Avenue, and you’ll catch a glimpse every now and then of what was one of Montgomery’s most prominent areas for African Americans from the 1940s to the early ’70s.

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